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Fire Saftey Info

Welcome to our community's fire safety page! We understand that fire safety is an essential aspect of living in any community, and it's crucial to make sure that everyone is equipped with the knowledge and tools to prevent and respond to fire emergencies. This page is dedicated to providing you with valuable information, resources, and tips to help keep you, your loved ones, and your property safe from the devastating effects of fires. Our goal is to create a safer community by spreading awareness and promoting proactive fire safety measures. 

CodeRED emergency alert system

We highly recommend all residents sign up for Park County’s free emergency alert system, CodeRED. This system alerts residents of critical, large-scale emergencies in the area via reverse 911 and/or email. Emergency evacuation notices are communicated with this system.

Sign up online at CodeRED.


Paper sign-up forms are available at Platte Canyon Fire Station #2 during business hours.

What is allowed and not allowed during a burn ban.

How to Create a Defensible Space Brochure.

Green Address Signs

Our green reflective signs allow for quick address identification by responding fire personnel in the event of an emergency. They ensure the safety of community members and a timely response from Platte Canyon Fire. Signs are $10 each. Order Online Here.

List of Emergency Documents

Having both an electronic and paper version is best

  • Electronic: Placed in your cloud, place on a thumb drive and put in your evacuation bag, email to self or a loved one.

  • Copy of driver’s license (if you drive)

  • Actual passports

  • Social Security #’s

  • Birth certificates

  • Credit card and bank account information; copy of credit cards

  • Wills

  • Deeds

  • Insurance policies

  • Copy of medical insurance cards

  • Medication list and prescription #’s

  • DD 214- (for veterans)

Resources for Emergency Evacuation

Community wildfire protection plans are essential to help communities prepare for and respond to wildfires. These plans include risk assessments, community education, and preparedness measures to reduce the risk of wildfires and protect homes and properties

Rotary Wildfire Ready is an initiative aimed at helping homeowners in wildfire-prone areas protect their homes and communities. The program provides educational resources and guidance on how to create defensible space, prepare evacuation plans, and protect homes from embers 

Red Cross- Disaster Preparedness program includes information on creating emergency kits, evacuation plans, and staying informed during emergencies. is a government website that provides resources and information on emergency preparedness, including wildfire preparedness. The site includes information on creating emergency plans, preparing homes and properties for wildfires, and staying informed during emergencies.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends installing smoke alarms on every level of your home, inside bedrooms, and outside sleeping areas on the ceiling or high on the wall. It's important to keep smoke alarms away from the kitchen, at least 10 feet from the stove, to reduce false alarms.

The American Red Cross recommends having a fire escape plan that has been practiced regularly in case of a fire. Early warning from a working smoke alarm can also save lives during a fire. Therefore, you should test smoke alarms every month.

The U.S. Fire Administration is a great resource for fire prevention and community risk reduction. It provides numerous resources to help educate the public on how to prevent fires, such as the "Fire Is Everyone's Fight" campaign.

The NFPA provides a series of safety tip sheets that include information on fire and safety equipment, household equipment, and various safety measures to prevent fires.

Colorado State Forest Service- The Home Ignition Zone. This is a guide to preparing your home for wildfire and creating defensible space

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