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Forestry Project Notification Letter for DCVR Residents

One of your neighbors, Lone Rock Foundation, has reached out to JCD (Jefferson Conservation District) seeking assistance in planning and implementing a forestry project with the goals of reducing wildfire hazard and improving wildlife habitat. In the spirit of being transparent and respectful, we would like to share a few details with you about the upcoming project. Contact JCD using one of the methods at the bottom of this letter if you have questions.

Project Location

South of the Deer Creek Valley Ranchos Neighborhood,

at the end of Tapadero Rd.


Equipment could arrive as early as late June 2023. Tree

cutting and hauling will take place over the following

3-5 months, as weather allows.

Scope of Work

A professional forestry contractor hired and managed by JCD will utilize heavy equipment to

cut trees across 100 acres to create a fuel break that will benefit the Deer Creek Valley Ranchos neighbors. Material from the forestry work will leave the site using log trucks and semi-truck loads of wood chips.

How will the neighborhood roads be impacted?

  • Weekday pickup truck traffic will occur while operations are underway. Road use will be similar to someone hiring a general contractor to build a home.

  • Heavy equipment will likely be offloaded from semi-trucks at the end of Tapadero Rd. Equipment will then travel south onto the project site.

  • Semi-truck traffic for hauling logs may begin by mid-late July. Typically there will only be 1-2 log trucks per day, but on rare occasions there could be 3 trucks in one day.

  • No grading or widening will occur. No log truck traffic during muddy conditions.

How will this project benefit the community?

  • Fuel break to decrease the risk of catastrophic wildfire to the community

  • Protect water quality and watershed health

  • Enhanced wildlife habitat and native biodiversity

  • Promote forest health, insect and disease resistance

Mail: 10799 W. Alameda Ave #261205, Lakewood, CO 80226

Office: Denver Federal Center, Bld 56 Rm 2604, 6th Ave and Kipling St, Lakewood CO ∙ 720-661-1738 ∙

JCD is partnering with Platte Canyon Fire District to complete this project. Please feel free to

reach out with any questions or concerns.


Tatum M. VanHawkins

Conservation Forester

Jefferson Conservation District

(720) 544-2813


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