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The DCVR Firewise team will be performing right of way wildfire mitigation work on Vigilante Avenue

We have gotten guidance from the Platte Canyon Fire Protection District on mitigating the evacuation routes in DCVR, Vigilante Avenue is one of our main access routes to highway 43.

Here are some bullet points on what we hope to accomplish.

  • We will be concentrating on the eight feet from the edge of the road.

  • Smaller vegetation will be cut down.

  • Trees larger than 4 inches in diameter will be limbed up to remove ladder fuels.

  • Aspen trees will not be cut unless they are dead, very close to the traveled roadway, or angling into or towards the roadway, as the live trees do not burn easily.

  • We will not go beyond an existing fence however overhanging branches may be removed or trimmed.

  • New growth will be pulled and removed.

  • The visibility at intersections is key to safe evacuations, if you have an intersection next to your property, please contact me so we can discuss.

  • The area around Utility boxes should also be mitigated. Regulations state there shouldn't be any trees closer than 10 feet. If you have one of these on your property, please contact me so we can discuss.

Slash will be left on the roadside for chipping which will be performed by the Platte Canyon fire Protection District.

If you have any questions, please send me an email

If you would like to help make our neighborhood safer, we would be delighted for you to join the team, just let me know.


Robin Davis

Chairperson DCVR Firewise


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